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In the fly fishing world, Hardy is a true institution. The company has been in business since 1872, and is know worldwide as a historical innovator of fly fishing equipment. In the 1880s, Hardy became the first company to build hexagonal rods from bamboo. In 1891, they patented their first “Perfect” reel, a design that is basically still manufactured today. Pioneers in the fly fishing industry, their innovations have won countless awards and honors over the 140 years they’ve been in business.

Here at Grizzly Outfitters, we are thrilled to be carrying the Hardy line of fly rods and reels, including the SINTRIX series. SINTRIX fly rods are up to 60% stronger and 30% lighter than conventional carbon fiber rods. Read more about SINTRIX at Hardy’s website, and watch this poorly made video featuring Ennion Williams casting Hardy's Zenith one-piece rod.

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In Big Sky, summer is finally upon us.  The snow falling in early June has given way to deep azure skies and warmer weather.  We're thought of as a winter destination, but summertime in Big Sky in unparallelled.  There are so many activities from hiking to zip-lining.  Mountain bike out your back door.  Fish the country's most iconic rivers.  Enjoy a horseback ride or cowboy cookout with Cache Creek Outfitters.  This summer, Big Sky Resort will offer rides to the top of Lone Peak via the tram!  Disc golf, skateboard, shoot hoops, or play on the swings at one of the most scenic community parks in existence.  Dig for crystals and fossils.  White water raft or try rock climbing.  It's all right here in Big Sky.  Day trips to Yellowstone National Park are a piece of cake, and you avoid the swarm of tourists.  Yes, Big Sky is a secret summertime jewel here in the Treasure State!

This time of year, I am usually still getting my legs under me for mountain biking.  Big Sky has great trails for everyone - from first timers to experts.  Lots have easy warm ups on roads and cruisy single track finishes.  This year I am making an effort to really learn how to fly fish.  I've dabbled in it for years - first back in the Adirondcks of upstate New York, and now here.  As a younger person, I thought of it as a little boring, but considering it involved water and friends (and sometimes beer), I went anyway.  I depended on friends to help and never really caught anything.

I caught my first trout on a fly rod in late May on the Gallatin.  It was snowing and the fish was little, but it was a complete thrill!  The rush of catching a beautiful (even little) fish is immense, and I was hooked (ha ha ha).  Anyway, this summer I am lucky enough to have award winning, world-class guides right here Grizzly Outfitters.  They've been helping me to become an independant fly fisherwoman, so thanks guys!

Mountain biking is still my first love, but it always takes a few rides to regain my concentration and balance.  "Drunk Driving"  the the phenomenon when a biker wobbles their front tire around in an attempt to balance.  This is the stage I am at right now:)  My biking season started late, but it will all come together sooner or later!  

Speaking of which, we are trying to organize the return of the Grizzly Ride.  For years, we had a group ride for bikers of all levels.  Stop into the expanded bike shop or drop us a line via facebook and let us know you are interested.  Right now, we are considering a Tuesday morning ride.  What works for you?  We have some other exciting events planned for summer.....so stay tuned.  Hope your day has been beautiful!

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Yesterday was a stunning, sunscreen-and-Capilene day on Lone Peak. The sun warmed the snow into fun creamy slush, commonly referred to as “corn snow’. Corn is characterized by large-grained crystals formed through repetitive melt-freeze cycles. When the temperature drops, corn snow hardens into an icy crust. As it warms, it transforms to a velvety texture that’s a dream to ski or ride.

As the temperature rises, this creamy corn can transform into dangerous slush and result in wet snow avalanches. In the most basic language, dry snow avalanches are caused when a dump overloads buried weak layers. Wet snow avalanches happen when the strength of the buried weak layers is decreased through melt.

Imagine corn snow crystals as grapes, and the vines are crystalline bonds between them. As the sun warms the snowpack, the “vines” transform into water. Now you just have a bunch of loose grapes floating in water. Add a slope and you get a wet snow avalanche, or “wet slide”. Surface tension is the property that holds molecules of the same liquid together (think raindrop). The surface tension of water will keep a slide from occurring until a certain point, when the amount of water percolating through the snowpack overpowers it.

When in the spring backcountry, beware of wet slides. The spring snowpack can transform greatly in short periods!!

At Griz, we’re still having a blast up at Big Sky Resort……BUT, we’re also pulling out our bike gear, and thinking spring. All winter clothing and last year’s spring/summer clothing is 50% OFF, and we have all sorts of deals throughout the shop.

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